Kandinsky coat – part 3

Oh well, this project is taking me ages – now I see why most of models have only a stripe of stranded knitting here and there. It’s very time consuming technique. I am also knitting in all the floats which slows me down even further.

I have separated the body and sleeves as described in the previous post and I am now working on the body. I have a column of red stitches separating the back on each side from the fronts. I increase one stitch on either side of those on the last row of each pattern repeat to create a gentle A-shaping.

After trying it on, we have realize that the fit is not really that of a “coat”, more of a cardigan, and the future owner decided to go for a short one, so after a total of 6 pattern repeats and 9 rows (two increases on the sides), I have started the 1×1 ribbing (20 rows, 5 cm), them 2 rows of brioche, and bound off in Italian (tubular) fashion. I have switched to 2.5mm needles for the ribbing.

Next I went on to one of the sleeves. There we 87 stitches on hold. I have started from the middle of that,knitting in pattern, picked up one stitch before the 19 extra stitches underarms, picked up 9 stitches in pattern (for me, it was row 13 of the pattern repeat of 24 rows), 1 st in red (to create the column for decreases on each side of it, aligned with the column of red stitched on the  side of the main body), picked up 9 stitches in pattern (so that the pattern aligns at the top of the sleeve, so I had to count the stitches back if that makes any sense), one stitch for the joint, and then finished off the round using the rest of the stitches on hold.

I am know knitting the stranded pattern in round (yay!). I decreased 2 stitches next round (14), then  4 times every 6th round of pattern (18, 24, 6 and 12). I am now decreasing every 12th round of the pattern repeat, and plan on knitting 4 full repeats (on top of finishing 12 rows  at the beginning of the sleeve).

I hope these ramblings make any sense whatsoever – I am partially writing this up for myself, so that I have some notes if I am ever going to recreate this crazy endeavor.




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