Plans for 2018

I have been planning to write up everything I would like to make in the near future for ages. As we are heading towards the new year, I think this is the right moment to do so. So here we go:

Need to finish soon:

  1. The red cardi. It is almost done, just needs a bit of finishing off. – finished 20/12/2017
  2. 2 crochet doilies for a present. Currently, halfway done with the 1st one –finished 30/12/2017
  3. The twid cardi I am making for myself – can’t wait to finish and wear it – hopefully, still this winter

For a friend of mine

4-5. I hope to have time for these summer crochet hats – 2 adult ones and 2 for a child… She lives in the Southern hemisphere, so it’s already summer there.  Finished 5th of January – my friend actually only wanted two. 

6. Nichols poncho to order.

7-8. Placeholders, as I did it all wrong, but I am sure things will come up.

For myself

9. I have been obsessed with crochet bikinis lately, so I would really love one for myself – at least the top part. Need the right yarn for it, though.

10-12. I also want plenty of dresses. At least 3 for the next summer (ha-ha, I will be happy if I finish at least one, to be realistic). But the three are:

  • a dress designed by my son for me, I love his idea and will keep it quiet for the time being.
  • a variation on my red dress, but with a different yoke/neckline/sleeves
  • somethig along those lines:

13. This crochet top – if the silk yarn I have will yield a motive of the correct size

14. I don’t have a warm woolly hat, that needs fixing. However, I have trouble finding a pattern I like.

15. I would like a warm large stole. Perhaps, I can make this one again, this time out of wool instead of cotton.

16. I have lost my lovely light silk shawl, so I may want a replacement.

17. A warm dress for next winter.

18. And a warm  sweater…

For my kids

19. It’s a nightmare to find a skirt for a girl these days that is not too short. So I might crochet one (or two) instead, to be worn with leggins…

20. Something for my son, maybe a sweater or a vest?

21-22. Have been promising them a cosy soft cowl each for ages. If not for this winter, may be I can finally tackle this before the next one?

For the house

23. Got to finish that macrame curtain I started last year for the living room

24. And would love to crochet one for the kitchen

Other WIPs that need finishing some time

25. The red table runner – this story has been dragging on for ages now, and needs a closure

26. My Hitofude needs to be done ecentually, I guess?

Well, there we go, as of 12/12/2017 26 projects to go until 31/12/2018. That’s about two projects a month. Some of them larger, others smaller. I guess it could be done. But I will be very proud of myself even if make half of it…

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