Valentina crochet dress – part 1

This will be my third dress inspired by the gorgeous piece worn by Teri Hatcher in this picture.

The first attempt was not very successful for two reasons. Firstly, the yarn I’ve used was not he best fit – it was a rather thick cotton, and not a mercerized one, so I did not really like the fabric. Secondly, the neckline turned out a bit weird.

The second one I made for my wedding was much better – silk yarn worked really well and the fabric was perfect. I first worn it as a strapless one, and added the straps a bit later for comfort.

This time I am going to try a yoke that’s made of motives to create short sleeves. We will see what will come out of it. I will try to post regularly about my progress. This way I can share what I do, and if anyone is interested, you can follow my steps to create your own dress. I live sharing my work, but I have very little time to write proper patterns – I made some notes for the first and second dresses, but never got round to publishing them. At least, it will be much easier for me this time.

Materials and tools.

I am using Silken Straw by Alchemy Yarns of Transformation. I needed just over 6 skeins for the red dress, so I expect to use a bit more for this one. It’s 100% silk, 200m/40g (236 yards/ 1.41 ounces).

3mm hook – it’s a size between US 2 and 3. In any case I strongly advise to swatch and find a hook that gives you the best drape.

Darning needle to weave in the ends.

At the moment I think this should be it.

I will be using US crochet terms throughout.

First step.

I will start with the top part of the dress and will work from the bottom up. The very first step would be to create a stripe of 10 flower motives and join it in the round. The red dress had 9, but an odd number would not work , so I hope this will not be too big. Here’s how to make a flower:

Flower pattern.

Round 1: In magic loop, ch1, (sc,ch3)x8, sl st in the first sc to join the round.
Round 2: Sl st in ch3-sp, ch3, 2trtog in the same space, ch5, (3trtog in ch3-sp, ch5)x7, sl st in the top of the 2trtog of the beginning of the round to join.
Round 3: sl st in ch5-sp, ch1 (sc, hdc, dc, ch3, dc, hdc, sc in ch5-sp)x8, sl st in the first sc to join the round.

To join the flowers, in the last round, instead of ch3, do 1 chain, join to the other flower with a slip stitch, and another chain. Join as follows: make one petal, join the next two petals to petals number 6 and 7 of the other flower, and finish off with 5 more petals. For the last flower, also join petals 6 and 7 to petals 2 and 3 of the very first motive to join the round.

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