Valentina Crochet Dress Part -2

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Valentina dress – part 1

For the time being, I am done with the yoke of the dress – I will need to figure out the edging for neck opening and sleeves. I also might see if I can make the sleeves a little bit more narrow – but I will leave for later. I took me a few trial and errors, bit in general I am now happy with the shape of the yoke. Here are some charts showing on how my motives are positioned now.

The bottom rows are in fact 10 motives joined in the round. Then you work back and front separately, joining them together at the top to create the shoulders. The yellow ones are probably best joined in at the end, as they are a bit tricky to figure out, to create the underarm of the sleeve.

Back yoke
Front yoke
Front and back together

I have marked which petals should be joined together for shoulders and underarms.

The partial motives that form the front of the neckline are made almost as the usual ones, but you start with 6 sc in magic loop, do not join, turn. Then continue across with 3trtog ch5 until the end, turn and work 5 petals.

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