Quick crochet gift – a lavender sachet

This year I am going to try and give small Christmas gifts to as many people around me as possible. I am planning on cookie boxes (maybe decorated with crochet stars). And for people who I want to give a little bit more (and they all are women – various teachers), I am making small crochet bags that will contain lavender sachets.

I took my inspiration from this photo, and have tried a few variations. I am sharing here the one that I personally liked the most – it’s pretty, and it’s a very quick make.

You will need

A crochet thread. Mine is not very thin, about 250m/50g. It’s a Korean yarn I got as a gift, but you can use 100% cotton (or experiment with other fibers).

Ahook. Mine is 1.25 mm.

Darning needle to hide the ends.

Process – the sachet

US terminology through out. Ch3 in the beginning of the round counts as 1 dc. End each round with a slip stitch in the third chain to join it.

R. 1. Start with 20 chains (or another multiple of 3 + 2). Dc in the 4th ch from the hook, and until the end of chain. Turn your work, and working into the back of the chains, crochet 1 dc in each chain. Join the round with sl st (36 dcs).

R 2 and 3. Work 1 dc in each dc.

R 4. (3dcs in one dc, ch 1, sk next 2 dcs) = 12 3dc-1ch clusters.

R 5. Sl st in the next 2 dc and ch space. (1 dc, ch3 , 1 dc in the same ch-1 space, sk 3dc) = 12 dc-3ch-dc clusters

R 7. Sl st in the ch3-sp. (3 dc in the ch3-sp, sk next 2 dc) = 12 dc-3ch-dc clusters

R 6. Sl st in the ch3-sp. (1 dc, ch3 , 1 dc in the same ch-3 space, sk 2dc) = 36 dcs

R 7-8. Dc in each dc

R 9. (3dcs in one dc, ch 1, sk next 2 dcs) = 12 3dc-1ch clusters.

R 10. Sl st in the next 2 dcs, and in ch-sp. (3dcs in ch-sp, ch 1, sk next 2 dcs) = 12 3dc-1ch clusters.

R 11. Dc in each dc, skip all chains = 36 dcs.

R 12. (Dc, ch 3 , sk next 2 dcs) = 12 dc-3ch clusters.

R 13. Sl st in ch3-sp. (3 dcs in ch3-sp, sk next dc) = 36 dcs.

R 14. Dc in each dc.

R 15. (Dc, ch 3, dc all in one dc, sk 2 dcs) = 12 dc-3ch-dc clusters. Bind off.

For the string with flowers

Using magic loop make the first flower with 5 petals: [sc, hdc, dc, hdc] x 5, sl at in the first sc. Then make a chain that’s about 20 cm (8 in) long. Make 5 more chains, and create a ring with a sl st in the 6th chain from the hook. Make the second flower exactly like the first one in this ring. Cut the yarn.


Weave in all ends, thread the string through the loops created in round 12 of the bag. That’s all!


Depending on your yarn, gauge and the intended size of the bag, you may want to adjust the pattern.

To alter the width, you will need to cast on more or less chains in the beginning. Keep the number of chains multiple of 3 + 2 ( so for example 6×3+2=20, 5×3+2=17 or 7×3+2=23).

To make your bag taller, add rounds of dcs after rounds 3 and/or 8.

I also tried the same principle wth hdc stitches instead of dc. To arrive at the same height, I did 4 rounds of hdcs before the first lace section, and 8 rounds after the the second . I really like the look better, but it does take longer to make one pouch.

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