Lace triangles sweater

The more I write about my projects, the more I realize that the majority of them take a while between the first idea and the day I start actually working on it.

The same goes with this sweater. I fell in love with another knitter’s project about a year ago, bought the yearn six months later, started it in the autumn, and finished a few weeks ago.

The pattern comes for a booklet by Lana Grossa – I could only find a hard copy in German for sale. My basic knowledge of German and Google translate worked well together so that I could figure out the instructions.

The recommended yarn has been discontinued, but Airlux by Katia is very close in structure, composition and weight.

I have used about 6 skeins (300g of yarn) and 3.5 mm needles. I could well have used 4 or 4.5 mm to be closer to vertical gauge and for a more oversized fit,but when I swatched, 3.5mm gave me the gauge closest to the pattern.

I wonder how the yarn will wear, as it snatched very easily during the work. So far I’ve worn it a few times,and it’s actually looking quite ok.

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