Christmas Sweaters

It’s probably a funny time to share these, but this winter has been super busy, so I am not too upto date here with my projects. As I will be spending a lot more time home in the next coming days, I hope to catch up and share gradually all my recent projects.

My children have asked me to make them Christmas sweaters for this past Christmas. I have started working on them in the end of Septemer so had about three months for both.

For me, this is quite a tight time line, so the end result is foat from what I would consider ideal. I decided not to use any existing patterns: I wanted a round-yoke top-down constrcution. And the kids wanted all-over christmassy fair isle.

I did my own calculations – yoke being the most difficult part, and as I did not have time to redo it several times they are not the best looking ones, and the fit is far from great. The second is probably closer to what I like, but still.

I have to admit, that round yoke with short row shaping (to make sure the back is closer to the neck than front) is so much trickier for me to figure out than the square one… As I work now on a new shuare yoke top down project, I also see more clearly some of my mistakes, the main being starting from a too large cirle and not enough short row shapin from the front – I think smaller number of stitches for the back, and a deeper neckline in the front is the way forward. Another area I am not happy with yet is the sleeve and underarm shaping – I need to aim for wider sleeves with more extra stitches underam for better movement freedom.

So, I will not share here any notes or calculations as I still nee to work on these.

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