Day 9 of . Tools. I have plenty… But this set is the dearest to me. My mom bought it for me over 20 years ago. I was 14 and seriously ill. Hospitals. Unpleasant treatments. Uncertainty. She knew I enjoyed crafting. I knew how to knit, crochet, macramé and tat by then. So we went out, bought a crochet magazine with plenty of lovely projects (still have it too), this set of hooks and some yarn. This was the first time when I really felt the healing power of crafting. I suddenly felt if control of at least something. I made presents for many people for New Year that time: little mice charms as it was the year of a rat according to Chinese horoscope. I also made a few other things, some of them are still around. Since then this set has travelled the life with me. Through 22 years, 5 counties I lived in and many more I traveled. Dozens of projects. I lost one of them, and you cannot imagine how sad it made me feel (I found almost identical replacement, but it doesn’t feel the same, so I barely use it – but at least the set looks complete). I hope not to loose any more, and to use them for the rest of my life. @pony_needles

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