My Patterns

Knitting and crochet patterns

These are the original designs that have been put together by me over the course of the time, most of them are free, and some can be bought for a small price.

Knitting Patterns

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Leafy Baby Blanket

Slouchy Sunny Beanie

Marishka Scarf

Eli Baby Dress

Owl Teapot Cozy

Soft Stream Lace Cowl

Kikiriki Potholder

Shar-Pei Mitts

Snake Baby Toy

Goofy Goober

Lace Scarf

Svetlana Stole

Crochet Patterns

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Piggy Key Ring Charm

Riviera Skies Top

Fishnet Baby Girl Hat

Kitty Kitty Toy

Nicois Skinny Scarf

Cheerful Stones

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