WIP Wednesday – Startitis episode

Having finished two of the projects I have been long working on, I could not help myself but start a few things I have been now thinking about for a while.

I cast on my Pieces of 8 mitts first, as I was looking forward to working with this yarn since February. I’ve had my doubts about the pattern before and shortly after starting it, but I think they work up nicely. The actually look so much better once you put them on! I should be finishing them soon.


I then cast on the scarf for my darling. The one I promised him like a year and a half ago… It’s a self-striping yarn, and I didn’t want regular horizontal stripes, so I decided to make diagonal ones. I’m still pondering on which hat pattern to use for a matching hat – he would like a slouchy one. Maybe Wurm?


Finally, I started a crochet hat for my mom, as I felt guilty – I promised her it would be the next thing for me to work on. I’m trying to recreate a hat she’s had for a while, we’ll see if it works out on the first go.


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