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First of all, I have finished a quick knit –  a case for my sunglasses. My notes in this post.

2015-05-15 12-10-13a

I also worked on the Riviera Waves for my girl. I actually got to underarms, tried it on, didn’t fit, so I ripped back. The yoke will have to be longer, so I am spacing the increases out a little bit. Maybe also a couple of more increases. Will see…

2015-05-15 23-49-46

I aslo am woring on preparing the pattern for Riviea Skies top. Taking me way too long – the motive is tricky to explain in abbreviations. I had a few go’s trying to chart it, in several ways, but it didn’t work. Two nights ago I finally found a solution – photo tutorial step by step, so I was making a motive and taking pictures. Almost done with that. The rest should theoretically be easy – I can’t wait to share it with you.

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      I sort of had a feeling I won’t get it right the first time. I really hope though that I won’t have to do it three times. She’s so wiggly, she won’t let me try it on proprerly :(

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