Best knitting book so far!

I’ve wanted “The Mason-Dixon knitting”  for quite a while. I loved Moderne Log Cabin I made for my daughter, and looked at other patterns in the book on Ravelry – they were all so yummy. The book arrived a couple of days ago,   and I’ve finished it in no time. It’s a combination of knitting tips, stories and patterns, full of warm-heart humor, which makes it an easy read that doesn’t bore. Patterns there are the ones you can make by yourself, as a group project, and fun stuff to do with children.

What made me love the book are three things.  First the patterns are exactly what I love to make: modern and elegant, without too much lace, cables or complex colour work. Ideal TV knitting, simple enough, but not boring. Secondly, their approach to knitting is same as mine: if I find a pattern I like, I follow it. But if I need to modify  a pattern, or can’t find one that suites me, I want to be able to do it. Knitting is just knitting, not a rocket science, no need to stress out. Finally, it’s really inspiring and motivational. It will give newer knitters courage and some tips to start playing with patterns a bit, to get away from the need to follow one from A to Z. But as I said, even to me, it was absolutely captivating from cover to cover, giving me that desire to get needles in hands a create something that will bring joy and warmth.

Now I want their second book.

They also have a blog here.


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    Cheryl S

    What a great find. i would not have looked twice at this book but your description of laughing made me want that. I like the patterns and not frilly froo-froo.. basics with class

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