First Freeform Attempt – 2

Some progress update… The flower motives are merrily blocking (my blocking pad looks just disgusting from heavy usage – various yarns have lent their colours to it).

The blocked motives are just gorgeous. They were quite stiff before blocking (which bothered me slightly), but they’ve become soft and drapery. Before and after pics:

The flowers have grown slightly in size after blocking. This worries me a bit, in terms of how I manage this adjustment when filling the space with the crocheted irregular net. I guess I’ll have to do it very tightly, to the point when it’ll pull a bit, so that it eases into right shape and size after the final blocking.

I’ve also made the life-size paper model of the dress. After all the motives will dry, I’ll use it to see if I have enough (so far 12 and one 1/2-circle), or if have to make some more.

I’ll be doing some pineapple motives in the meanwhile…

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