Grey jumper – part 2

Now that my beautiful sweater is done, I have decided not to add any embroidery, I really love how clean and laconic it looks without! So the  name I gave it in the beginning is now quite ironic.

You can read the first part here.

So, for the sleeves, I join the yarn in the middle of the underarm stitchs that were cast on when I worked the body. So pick up and knit those ones (4  for one sleeve, and 3 on the other, for symmetry). I then, picked up 2 stitched between these cast on ones, and the live stitches we have from separating the yoke, to avoid holes, then knit the live stitches, pick up 2 more from the side, and finish picking up the underarm stitches. I ended up having 78 stitches. I calculates that I wanted 68 stitches at the bottom of the sleeve (just an eyeball figure); so 5 decrease row. I estimated the length of sleeve, and spread those separately.

Knit 1 rd. Next round, decrease 2 sts – one in the beginning and one at the end of the round. Knit 19 rounds, decrease again. 5 decreases in tota. I did 21 rounds after the last one.

Switch to 3.25 mm needles, 22 rounds 2×2 ribbing, and bind off using Italian bind off. As it is quite fiddly –  and even worse with 2×2 ribbing, I separated the knit stitches and purl stitches on two needles, and then just grafted them.

By the way, I first tried 3.75 needles for ribbing, but it didn’t look nice, 3.25 worked much better.

The bottom of the body is also worked on 3.25 needles, and k1p2 ribbing, regular bind off. In retrospect, I should have used smaller needles for the neck, too – looks much neater!

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