Missing in Action

I can’t believe it’s now been a month since I’ve share here what’s going on in my knitting life… I’ll try to catch on the best I can.

To start with, I have almost started some kids to knit. I actually did two sessions in the past month, but it looks like we are not going to agree on the terms with the club that hosted the classes, so I don’t think this has any future. It’s a pity, but on the other hand probably to the best as I am about to get super busy at my full-time job, and it would be lovely to have Sundays free after all.

I have finished the second red dress – that is, almost. It needs ends to be weaved in (like hundreds of those!), blocking and adding some finishing touches. This me adding the last round of flowers to it.

red crochet dress

I have finished two new table mats – both using the V-Stitch from. I still need to block them, so here is how one of them looked in the progress.


I have a dilemma on my hands called Nefertity. A crochet top I started for the summer. My man has called it “Nefertity Necklace” (well, it was just the yoke at the time, lol). He hates it, I am not so sure. I am also not sure if I should stop at this legth, or do another round of pineapples, to bring it to the hips….



I have also been swatching some ideas to restart the beige dress from last year.


Finally, my latest endeavor is an attempt to create something from the lovely bamboo yarn I have recovered from an unsuccessful project. It is now meant to be some sort of tank top for me for the summer. I only have about 250 gr of it, and am totally unsure how long they will last me. I didn’t want to knit in round, as the yarn is too soft, and seams will give it some structure. So instead I cast on the front and the back at the same time from two balls of yarn. This way I know exactly when I run out of yarn, and have both sides of the exact length.


Well, I suppose that’s it for the moment. I am now trying to figure out whether I can get my Instagram posts appear here automatically – if I succeed, there will be many more brief updates coming!

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