Crochet curtains – Lace Flower Stitch Tutorial

There are quite a few things than have been on my to-make list for many years. Crocheted kitchen curtains are one. The place we’re currently renting has three perfect for this purpose windows, I have finally made a crocheted curtain for the smallest ones. The other two are much bigger, and the task seems to be a bit daunting.

For this project I used Alize Miss Batik yarn (280 m/50gr) and 1.75mm crochet hook. It is made sideways, so that the colour changes and the pattern create vertical stripes, and I am very happy with this yarn and pattern combination.

For the first curtain I have used a stitch that I also wanted to try for a long time. I really like how it looks, and was finally able to find the chart for it. I have adapted the original chart so that it fits my crochet style better.

I am very happy not only to share my adapted chart here, but a video tutorial I made, as the chart might be a bit hard to read.

So if you find the chart unclear, please watch the following video for more explanations. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have in comments!

This stich is so pretty! I am hoping to make a top using it one day… However, to get back to the curtains. To finish off along the top side; I made a row alternating 4sc and 15ch loops (to create loops for hanging), and then continued working around with 4sc+picot pattern.

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