Modern Vintage Sweater

This is an oversized sweater in terms of width. Ideally it should finish just at the level of the bones above your hips, below the waist to create a modern fashionable look (Mine’s a bit shorte). The cables create a lovely slimming effect, so that your boly looks great despite the comfy wideness of the sweater. This is further enchansed by a deep v-shaped neckline.

A friend of mine gave me some vintage French mohair yarn, that did not even have any information about how many metres there were in the skein. Googling the name did not give any results at all (and I threw away the lable anyway). The yarn was so soft and cosy that immediately I wanted to make a sweater out of it. However, I only had about 300 grams of it, so I knew this would not be enough for large one.

About around the same time I watched a video on Instagram by a Russian stylist, discussing some vintage Russian knitting patterns and how to tweak them to get a fashionable addition to you wardrobe. One of the models she discussed really got into my head, and that is how this project was born.

I have now worn this pullover a few times, and I love the yarn and the overall idea. However, it turned out a little short, especially in the front – the extra cable in the middle pulls it up a little.

I have the initial pattern notes ready, and am planning to make one or two variations to improve them – out of yarns that are readily available, too.

As usual, if anyone is interested in testing, I will be very happy – so drop me a line!


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