Berry crochet sweater – top down round yoke

I made this sweater as a part of CAL organised on Instagram by a Russian designer Svetlana Novikova.

It was quite a learning curve for me, as I am more used to UK/US style of patterns, with details about gauge, finished measurements etc. The information we have received was very vague and general. As a result, I lost count how many times I had started the yoke over and over again, until I got the fit right, and my sleeves are a bit narrow and short – as I had no energy left to correct them.

That sad, I love the sweater, and I am now a devoted adept of top-down one piece crothet garments – they are even easier to try on than the knitted ones, as you do not have to worry about having a need cord that’s log enough! I also now have a much better understanding of the construction, and will definitely do more using the same concept – but different yokes, necklines, shapes etc. Once I have a garment that’s my own design, I will shate the pattern, for sure!


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    Carol Derbis

    So is this lovely pattern available somewhere? the link above shows me pictures – and links back to this page – and I still haven’t found the pattern…please? this may be the first sweater I actually attempt to make! It’s lovely!

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      Hi Carol! I’m very glad youlike this sweater. There is no written pattern in English for it – the instructions were shared by the author in Russian, on Instagram. The instructions were not an actual pattern with sizes, but some very broad recommendations on how to make the calculations.

      If you feel like giving it a try, I can e-mail you the chart for the yoke pattern by e-mail (it’s widely available on the net), along with my recommendations on calculations, but be prepared for some trial and error – it took me about 20 tries to get to a yoke that fitted me well. I hope with my notes it will be a bit easier, but still, I cannot guarantee you’ll make it from the first try. Let me know :)

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