Updated Leafy Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern

I published my first ever pattern on Ravelry in summer 2011, and was amazed at how successful it became. Since then, it was downloaded on Ravelry over 100 000 times, and over 3000 projects have been logged. You can also admire all the beautiful realisation people are sharing on Instagram.

To celebrate 10 years’ anniversary, I am publishing an updated version – hopefully, it will be easier to understand, as it written closer to traditional English patter writing style. Several amazing ladies on Ravelry have tested it for me, so you can be sure there are no mistakes and typos! However, if you do find one, or if you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to comment below! From now on the pattern will only be available to download here on my blog.

This is a quick and relatively easy blanket with beautiful lace stitch. The pattern includes information about adjusting the stitch count for different sizes and yarn weights.


  • Eco-Cotton Bioline 28 by Grignasco (100% cotton, 140m/50g = 153 yd/1.76 oz) – 6 skeins, used 2 strands at a time. You can use any DK weight yarn in the same fashion, or 1 strand of worsted weight. I recommend using not-too-soft, well-twisted yarn for good stitch definition. Using 2 strands held together creates a more drapery fabric, compared to 1 strand of worsted.
  • 5mm / US 8 needles.
  • Stitch markers (optional).


One size. Finished measurements – 75×70 cm (30×28 in)

GAUGE 1 pattern repeat = 11.5 cm (4.5 in). Exact gauge is not critical for the project. Please note that if your gauge is different, the finished garment will have different measurements

Download links

Leafy Baby Blanket – 2021 edition, English

When I first published this pattern, several lovely people translated it into their languages. No translations are available so far the updated version, so here are the links to the old ones:

Leafy Baby Blanket – version française (2011) traduite par Marjorie de Filophiles 

Leafy Baby Blanket – espagnole (2011) by Marga Frances

Leafy Baby Blanket – česká verze (2011)

Leafy Baby Blanket – Portuguese version (2011) by Gilma Elias.

Tag your creations #leafybabyblanket on social media, and mention me @leyla_knits_and_crochets in Instagram so that I can see them!


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  1. 1

    Bonjour, je suis aller sur Ravely pour le patron en français de la couverture avec les feuilles, mais ont me dirige vers votre site, et je ne le trouve pas le patron en français, pouvez vous me le donner en français. ? Merci à l’avance.

  2. 3

    Hi! This blanket is absolutely adorable! I obsessed with it. Is there any chance you would be okay with me making these and selling them? I would include a note in each package where the pattern come from with a link to your blog!

    • 4

      Hi Courtney, i thought I’d answered, but i cannot see my answer. I am happy for you to make these for sale, as long as they are hand made.

  3. 7

    Hi Leilalieva,

    First, thank you for sharing such a beautiful pattern! I am confused about increasing the size though. Since I only want to do one repeat, I read it 15+10=25, so I should cast on 125 stitches. This however, makes the seed stitch borders off (easily adjusted). My real question though, this would affect the leaf pattern though because there is now a uneven number of stitches on the leaf pattern, correct? (Or am I missing something?!)

    • 8

      I apologize Lelialieva!

      I see my mistake. I was taking your 15 x 2+10 and adding that to the initial 100 cast on. I see now I need to start from zero, to get the correct amount.

      Again, thank you for sharing such a beautiful pattern!

      (If I could figure out how to delete my initial question, I would! )

      • 9

        Hi Lyndy, I am glad you like my pattern! I’m also happy you have figured your question out (sorry I didn’t get back to you in the meantime). Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you need help further along the way.

      • 10

        I’m having trouble at Row 19. Looking at the pattern, I see that the repeat calls for working only 14 existing stitches in Row 19 (plus a YO) whereas in Rows 13 and 15, for example, you work 15 existing stitches in the repeat plus a YO. So when I’ve gotten to the end of Row 19, I have and extra 6 stitches (plus the seed stitch section) that are unworked. I’ve gone back and made sure I didn’t make an error somewhere but I can’t find any. I wonder is there a stitch missing from the repeat in Row 19? Looking ahead, the same problem would exist in Rows 21, 23 and 25. They all call for you to work only 14 existing stitches in the repeat (plus add a YO) instead of 15 existing stitches, which would leave you with 6 unworked existing stitches in every row. This is unlike odd Rows prior to 19, each of which calls for you to work 15 existing stitches in the repeat (plus a YO where there is a K2Tog). Help please.

        • 11

          Hi Therese, in row 19 the repeat is over 15 stitches:

          Row 19. K1, p1, k1, p1, (p2, k1, yo, skp, k10) x6, p2, k1, p1, k1, p1

          p2 = 2, k1 = 1, yo, skp= 2, k10 = 10 >>> 2+1+2+10=15

          Are you sure you finish row 18 (or 16 to be more precise) with the correct stitch count?

    • 14

      Hi, depends on the material you use. If you use acrylic yarn, machine wash should be fine. If not, hand washing is probably better…

    • 16

      Hi Paula, I have seen some very pretty blankets in variegated yarn, and some that were much less so. It really depends on the colours and lengths of colours. If you want to be on the safe side, I’d go with a single solid.

  4. 17
    Mary Snider

    I would like to use a worsted yarn, washable, etc. rather than cotton. Would you recommend it? I am a relatively new knitter but am challenged by this pattern. It is lovely for a baby’s blanket. Using Cascade 220, for instance.

    • 18

      Yes, definitely, many people have used such yarn to make beautiful Leafy blankets! I recommend swatching first, to see how many repeats will give you the size you want. Good luck!

  5. 19
    Linda Oldach

    I love this pattern and have gotten up to row 11 where I am having trouble with the count. Has anyone else experienced that?

  6. 23

    Hi Leyla! I am knitting your Leaf Baby Blanket and it is gorgeous! I am finding that when I stretch it on the blocks, I can get the blanket comfortable to 30 inches, but it is only 27 inches tall. I’m afraid one more full pattern of the 26 rows will make it too long, so is it possible to do just half the pattern and then the border, or would it look funny? Thanks so much for the beautiful pattern and your advice!

  7. 27

    Hi! I’ve just cast on my yarn to start make your lovely blanket but I don’t understand the border. When I see pictures of it I see that I should do p1, k1 and then on the next row purl where I knitted on the first row. If you follow? I see that I should’nt end up with a ribbed border but I do, where am I going wrong? Is it because im knitting with circular needles? I can of course just make it the right way but will it affect the rest of the knitting? And most of all I just want to know why it keeps getting wrong 😅

    • 28

      Hi Bonnie, it depends on the number of the repeats in your blanket. If you cast on the exact number of stitches as in the pattern, everything should work correctly. If it doesn’t, then you are making a mistake somewhere. The correct way to create a seed stitch border is to alternate the stitches as they appear in front of you. So if you knit a stitch in the RS, it will appear as purl on the WS, and you have to knit it on WS. Hope this makes sense?

      • 29

        Thank you so much for your quick respons 😊Even though I hade counted the stitches a trillion times I had missed that there only were 99 stitches 🙈

        • 30

          I’m glad it’s all working out in the end! if you have any other questions, please, do not hesitate to get in touch!

  8. 31
    Robin Eshleman

    Hello! I would like to purchase this pattern, but nothing happens when I click on “Download Link – English.” Is the pattern still available? If so, please LMK how I can obtain it! Thank you.

    • 32

      Dear Robin,
      thank you for your message. I’m sorry you couldn’t download the pattern. I think it must be security settings of your browser, as link is working.
      I have emailed you the pattern – I hope you have well received it.
      Happy knitting!

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