Knitted furry top – free draft pattern

This is another project I made this winter from yarn that I had gotten as a gift. This was the first time I worked with eyelash yarn. Ii must say, I absolutely love the end result, it is sooooo soft! This top was for my daughter, but I still have plenty of yarn, and hope to make one for myself, too!

But! Working with it is quite a pain, especially if you need to find a mistake, or correct one. Nevertheless, I think the end result is worth the effort, and I will definitely use this yarn again. Using plenty of stitch markers is key! And if you hold your work up in the air against the light, you will be able to see your stitches!

Below is not really a pattern, but as often on this blog, more like notes to self. However, as usual, if you would like to use this draft and have any questions, I will be happy to help!

Materials used

  • Eyelash yarn. Used a vintage one called “Rio” that is no longer available, but that shouldn’t stop you. It has 100m/50g, recommended needle size 4-5 mm. I have used about 2.5 skeins for this top – which is for my 9 yo daughter
  • Lang Yarns Gloria – this is the glossy tape yarn I used for edges. I had one skein and it was just about enough. For wider edged and bigger sizes you’ll definitely need 2 of these
  • Circular needles (and dpns if you like). The whole project is made in the round. I used longer cable and magic loop throughout. 5 mm for the body, 4 mm for the edging
  • Stitch markers!

Gauge and finished measurements

I am afraid gauge is a bit difficult to work out, because counting finished stitches is nearly impossible. Please refer to finished measurements (in cm) on the image below:


The top is made in round top down with raglan increases. I explain the process and calculations in detail in my post about grey sweater. The image below details my calculations for this project – I used 1 stitch for each increase line here (50 and 59 are the intended measurements in cm):

Cast on 104 sts.

Use stitch markers to mark the increase line stitches and the turning points for short row shaping. Also use 4 stitchmarkers to mark the increase line stitches from the bottom (on the cast on, so that they stay in the stitch and not not the needle). This will help you picking up neckline stitches for the border.

Work on the yoke until you have 60 stitches for each body and front (I actually had 59, not sure how this happened), and 48 for each sleeve. Split for sleeves and body, casting on 2 stitched for each underarm. Continue evenly for desired length (22 cm in my case), switch to smaller needle and ribbon yarn, and 1×1 rib stitch. Cast off using tubular cast off

With smaller needle, and ribbon yarn pick up the live sleeve stitches and 2 for underarm. Rib like for the bottom edge. In the same way pick up, and rib the stitches across the neck opening. That’s it, you’re done!

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