Little cowl for a little girl.

This is definitely not one of my more successful creations, but my girl loves it and wears it all the time.

In the kindergarten, they are not allowed to have scarves, so she asked me for a cowl instead. To match her hat, I decided to rip the scarf that she never wore, and started on this cowl.

In the process, while I was knitting it, however, she managed to loose the hat. Since this was the yarn I dyed myself a few years ago, I cannot make a new hat to match the cowl now… I guess the disappointment showed, and I finished this off somewhat carelessly.

Kind of the story of my life these days. Looking forward to the winter.

PS As it rolls down horribly, I might re-knit the top part with seed or stockinette stitch, and use the rest of the yarn combined with something else to make a hat… I need hope, not despair!

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