Ravellenic Games 2012

This year I’ve decided t0 take up the challenge and participate in the Ravellenic Games (previously known as Ravelympics, until USOC claimed copyright infringement). Actually, reading about that story and seeing how Ravelers got together to fight back finally motivated me to look into the whole thing.

The idea is simple – set yourself a goal /goals to complete within the duration of the Olympic games. The goals should be challenging you to push your limits.

I will be doing 5 dishcloths using techniques I’ve never tried before:

  • entrelac
  •  double knitting
  • interlocking filet crochet
  •  a lace one done in orenburg shawl technique (to figure out how to make the all-round border alongside the body)
  • last one I’m not sure – maybe one with short rows to get a better hang of the technique, or one in squiggly crochet technique or maybe tunisian crochet?

If I have time left, I may also participate in frogging event – I actually have two projects that could be frogged. We’ll see…

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