Slip Stitch Purlwise Tutorial

When I learnt knitting as a child, I only new one way for dealing with selvage stitches. No matter what I was making, I would always slip the first stitch of the row purlwise, and purl the least stitch. I now know many other ways, and can choose the best decided on the stitch pattern I’m using and what I am making.

I still use this combination a lot (partly, out of it habit). But I love the look of nice large chains on the sides of the knitting, and think this is the best way to treat visible edges (unless it is garter stitch, looks horrid with garter stitch).

So here’s a tiny basic video on what I mean when I say slip the stitch purlwise (as if to purl). It can be used also in the middle of the row – for example for left-slanting decrease “slip-knit-pass over”


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    I know I should use that technique for my edge sts, but I just never get in the habit of it, so forget. But then again, I don’t usually have raw edges. Maybe I need to do more raw edged stuff?

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      if you mostly make sweaters, it probably isn’t the best edge – for example, it doesn’t work with mattress stich… But it’s great for scarfs and shawls.

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