WIP Wednesday – fighting with the dress yoke

I was so pleased with myself last week, thinking that I’m done with the round of motifs for the yoke of my new crochet dress. I couldn’t be more wrong. Today, I have taken it up again, and did a prep round for the dc/tr wave’s section of the yoke.


Only when I started writing the notes down have I realized that I messed up, and the motifs’ placement is not symmetrical. So I took one motif off, re-connected it correctly, and added one missing flower. Then I could see that I had positioned that extra flower incorrectly, so I repaired that. Looked at it again carefully. Only to finally realise that I acually hate the whole set-up, and would like to try something else. So I separated all the motifs and started playing with them, laying them out on the floor in different shapes. I thought I’d taken more photos, but apparently it’s just this one, that’s terribly blurry.


At one point of time it clicked (at least I think so), and I found a solution that I like. I would have never thought of it just in my head. It was actually moving the octagons with my hands on the floor that allowed me to stumble upon that set up:


So I had just enough time to reassemble the whole thing, and it now looks like this:

wpid-img_20150128_201409.jpg wpid-img_20150128_201613.jpg

Now to find a way to fill these huge gaps between the flowers on the outer side. I want to try something different from what I did with the red dress.

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    I’m looking forward to seeing the finished dress! I’ve never quite had the patience (or courage) to attempt to crochet anything like a dress (mostly because I’m not the best at following patterns – I was always more of a knitter, but found crochet far less stressful to rescue that knitted lace, for example, once a toddler gets their hands on it ;)

    • 5

      As a child, I first learned how to knit , but I then switched to crochet and stuck to it for many years for the same reason. It was so much easier to repair the mistakes. I know do both equally. I now actually find knitting more relaxing, but I can be more creative with crochet. Actually, with crochet, you can have a sweater or a dress in no time compared to knitting. So if you like the look of crochet garments, think about giving it a try.

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    Beautiful! I love the hexagonal arrangement; it will be just beautiful on a dress…then again, I have always loved lacy touches like this. Gorgeous work. You came up as a no-reply blogger, so I’m thanking you here for visiting moi!

    • 7

      Thank you! I’m trying to get back into a habit of doing link parties – that’s how I found you)) I’m not a quilter, but I thought I might join some other craftsers’ party for diversity and inspiration. You work is beautiful!

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