YOP – week of the 25th of January: a few small FO’s and a new start


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This week, apart from working a little bit on the blanket, I have made some smaller things that were out of my plan:

For some mindless knitting, as a by-product of some work-related frustrations, I have made these fishes for my kids to play with at bath time. Pattern from Rhonda White’s website.


I also have done this bottle cover yesterday. I have another, larger bottle that can be used as a vase, and I plan on crocheting a cover for it, too. This yarn has finally found it’s destiny. It is a ball of linen yarn that I bought in 1998 during my holidays in Lithuania. It has traveled all around Europe with me since then, waiting for a perfect project.


I also started working on a new dress from my recycled yarn (it is cotton/linen mix by the way). After a few trials I think I have figured out the shaping of the first round. I am now letting it sit, before I venture into extending that into a full yoke.



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      I was quite sad that I couldn’t find a use for that pretty linen all those years – it would be great for doilies, but I’m not much into them.
      I just posted about my today’s fight with the dress….

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      The fish cloths are cute))) I already made some changes to the round of motifs for the dress – there’s a separate post about it))

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