Year of projects – my plan

This is the fourth year for “Year of Projects” group, and the first one I will participate in.


Oh well,  my plans for the next twelve months are truly napoleonic. Given how little knitting time I get, I wonder  whether I’ll manage to get at least one of these done. So:
1. I was asked to make a Tango tunic (as a beach dress,  just like mine), but they have to get yarn for me first.  Should be quick and easy, but subject to the person not changing their mind and getting the yarn. – CANCELLED: they didn’t come back to me, and I haven’t asked ))
2. My personal biggest project of the year is to recreate this dress – WIP, click on tag “red dress” to see all related posts

.Teri Hatcher


I got the perfect yarn for my birthday and have to start swatching.

2014-08-02 12-48-14

I hope to blog a lot about this project,  documenting the process.











3. I promised my man a hat and a scarf for the winter. I am looking for quite specific yarn for it, so if anyone can recommend something, it would be great. The yarn has to come in same colours for fingering/sports weight and dk or worstead – fingering for a hat, and heavier weight for a quicker scarf. I want gray as main colour and neon orange for contrast…
4. I hope to make a hat and possibly a scarf for me from this yarn I dyed myself for the first time: (will I manage both out of 100g of sock yarn???). CHANGED – now that I have done mitts for my baby girl, I have decided to make her the whole set – with a hat and a cowl. DONE







5. Fingerless mitts for my daughter – DONE.
6. I have another idea for a beach dress – if I could get done for next season would be cool. I  also need yarn for it: self-striping cotton with long runs of colour. I found some that Katia makes.
7. Chunky cowl for my mom. I got the yarn for it – DONE.
8. Maybe this top for me….

9. Very not sure, but may be this afghan for a friend who loves social games.

10. I totally forgot. I want to finish my Comfort Blanket. I am planning on making three or four “scarves” (for better portability of the project) and then join them:

2014-08-11 18-55-18

…. and I  know plenty of things will catch my eye in between.  I’m very curious how well am I going to follow this plan….

ETA from 18th of August

A few more things have occurred to me lately, so I am adding these to the list. I’d also love to make:

11. a few dishcloths – 1 done

12. a new scrubbie from old neylons – 1 done

13. a cozy for the teapot I got as a present. Broody hen‘s too small, alas. Maybe something like this:

DONE – not like the above picture, but I still love it.










14. One or two pillow covers

… is this getting out of hand?


15. My best friend is having a baby in May. If I finish blanket from nn 10, I might give it to her, as it looks like it is going to be too small for me. But I’ll need a thing or two ti add to it, maybe some toy.

16. My son now wants a hat and a scarf…

17. I’d love to make my daughter a dress

18. And a head band.



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    Hello and welcome to the yop group. I love napoleonic lists, I’m quite addicted to them as some will tell you in yop it’s half the fun really. I can’t wait to see your recreation of that dress, it is gorgeous and the rest of the list looks totally doable. Hope you enjoy your yop year.

    • 2

      Hi Ruth and thank you for the welcome! I hope to get more involved with the group, to start reading other posts and comment :) this challenge seems just what I need, to help me stay on track. Looking forward to this year!

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