A few WIP’s and itching to start more

I think when I am a little of the balance, I always want to start more and more new projects. Impatient and impulsive… Then when I get calmer, I find the patience and pleasure in finishing all of them off. I now have 4 WIP’s, and id I did not exercise humongous amounts of self-control, I’d have at least 10. But I know when I have too many projects to do, I loose focus and stop knitting at all.

So to start, I thought I’d share my additions to this year’s list of “what I’d love to knit”

12. Another Pikachu (promised a gift to my son’s best friend)

13. And something for her little brother

14. Several floor mats. Large carpets don’t work for us, but we all like to be barefoot, and tiles can be quite chilly, especially when you sit for a long time. I’m thinking squiggly-wiggly

15. Another bathroom mat is needed. I want to make one similar to this, but rectangular (either rows or in-the round…) Plenty of clother waiting to be recycled.

16. I have a pillow in need of a cover.

17. In my dream, I saw more animals like the little piggy, I should try to bring them to life, too. One each month? For each animal of Chinese Zodiac? hmmm

18. Coaster from my dream

19. Socks for me from the same yarn as were the fingerless mitts.


Well, I added these to the list 1o days ago. Since then I started two projects that were NOT on that list. A very kind person has given me some of her yarn which inspired me to start a warm and comfy Floral Fantasy Pullover. I am now blocking the motif section of the front to see where I am size-wise:


I also made a slipper for my son, but as I was not focusing too much, it came out about half the size it should have been. So I’ll have to start again.


The laid-back cat is done – that is, the pieces are all done. I now have to put them all together


And I am still working on the table runner, about 1/3 done now


I did manage to finish one thing: the hat for my son. He loves it, and tells everyone I made it for him




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    Thank you for the link to the Squiggly Wiggly technique pattern. I’ve favorited it on Ravelry and look forward to trying it someday. I imagine it would be a very cozy mat.

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