Dan’s slouchy hat – free knitting pattern

This is not a very original knitting pattern, but I thought I’d share it here – as much to keep notes for myself, as to help anyone who may want to achieve a similar look. I have finished it a while ago, and like it very much.


Here are  my quick notes. They are not really meant to be a pattern, but please feel welcome to use them and ask any questions in comments.

Yarn – Katia Felice. Needles -2mm, 2.5 mm

C/o 124 sts on smaller needles. (I used Italian cast on + 2 rows of tubular stitch. I also did first 4 or 5 rows row flat, and then joined in round, seaming the small opening using tail from cast on)

24 rows rib 2×2 last row add 2 sts =126 sts
Swtch needles to larger size. Next round (K21,m1)=132
Next round knit
Next round: (K22,m1) =138 sts
Next round knit
Next round (K23, m1)= 144

Knit straight for 12 cm

Next round (K10, k2tog)
Next round knit
Next round (K9, k2tog)
Next round Knit
Next round (K8 k2tog)
Next round (K7, k2tog)
Cont decreasing until (k1, k2tog)=24 sts.

Break yarn, thread it through the remaining stitches, pull tight to close the opening.





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