Agent P is finished – FO Friday May 2nd, 2014

Another cartoon toy for my son. He asked to make him without the hat (I think he prefers Perry when he’s undercover as a pet), and without the X’s on the tail. I followed this pattern by Kody May, using fingering wool Bambi by Grignasco, with two strands held together. I followed the pattern apart from arms  – I did mine top down, starting with a tube of 5sc’s. I then closed is flat with 3 sc’s. I then did fingers with 3 rows of 1 sc over each of the 3sc’s, using sl st to go down a finger.

2014-04-30 19.22.53

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    Bah – that’s hilarious. Agent P is my favourite from all the cartoons my kids have ever watched. It never occured to me to make one. Thanks for sharing.

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