Bity sock wool

Yesterday was shopping at the supermarket. They had sock yarn on sale. Lovely colours – 2 balls of variegated with 2 balls of matching solid colour in pack. Enough for 2 pairs of socks. For 150 KC only (8 USD/ 5 EUR). Wow. I nearly lost it and bought a few packs at once. Then I remembered I was wearing my hand-knit socks from KP Felici. Moved my toes inside the shoes to feel the warm and soft yarn and it occurred to me. Hand knit socks are worth it for me, only if they’re soft and squishy to the skin. So I finally got my reason back and took only one pack. Luckily, as it’s as rough as a yarn can get. If I ever use it, it’ll for something that is not going to touch bare skin…

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