Boho crochet top – free pattern

The top has been my life saver this summer – perfect for the scorching hot of the South of France.

The pattern is vaguely based on my shawlette with pineapples. The upper part is worked sideways, then the bottom part top down, and to finish off, the top edging with ties.

Size and final measurements

My top was made for size M, chest measurement of 94cm / 37 in.


I have used 150g of Aliza Bamboo fine yarn (440m/100g, 100% bamboo), which is a super soft material with amazing drape and 2.5mm hook.


For the top part, chain 52. Follow chart 1.

Row 1: dc in the 4th ch from the hook, (ch1, sk1, dc) until last 6 chains, ch1 , sk2, 2 dc in the next chain, ch2; 2 dc in the next ch, sk 1, dc.

Row 2: ch3; sk 2 dcs, dc2-ch2-dc2 in the ch2-sp, sk 2 dcs, (dc in the next ch1-sp, ch1) until the end, dc in top of ch3.

Row 3: ch3, (dc in the next ch1-sp, ch1) until you get to the edging, ; sk 2 dcs, dc2-ch2-dc2 in the ch2-sp, sk 2 dcs, dc in the top of ch3.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until you have 104 rows. For row 105, instead of ch1, make a sl st into evero other chain of the initial chain, thus joining your work into a tube.

Now turn your work 90° working in the side of the tube. Follow chart 2 – the red symbols

Row 0, set up row: sl into the next space. ch6, (dc into the next space, ch 2). continue working around, spreading evenly 7 increases, where you work the dc into the same space = 112 dc-ch2 blocks. Instead of last 2ch, ch1, sc in the 3rd chain of the beginning of the round to join.

Start the leaf chart below, making row 1 as follows:

ch3, dc in the same space, (ch2, 3 dc in the next ch-2 sp; 2dc ch1 in the next ch-2 sp; 3dc in the next dc; ch1, 2 dc in the next ch-2 sp ; 3 dc in the next ch-2 sp; ch2; sk next ch-2 sp; 3 dc in ) until the end of the round.

Then follow the chart.

Row 22: Work (dc 1, ch1, sk1) across, increasing 14 times evenly.

Row 23: sc in the next dc, ch3, dc in the base of the sc; ( sc in the second ch-1sp, ch 3, dc in the base of the sc; sc in the second dc, ch 3, dc in the base of the sc).

To finish the upper edge of the top, use stich markers to mark: 10th space on either side of the back seam. Then find the middle of the front (53rd space from the seam), and mark the 12th space in either side of that). These 4 markers will be the locations of the ties.

Starting from the middle of the back, work 2 sc in each space. When you reach you marker, ch 61, and work back with a slip stitch in each chain.

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