Crochet vest with a hood

This vest, too, has taken me much longer than I expected. It was originally planned to be a cardigan/a coat. But as the work progressed, I realised that I will not have enough yarn both for the sleeves, and the hood – and chose the hood!

This project was designed by me with guidance and input from lovely Nadia Dunaeva as a part of her “Intuitive Crochet” -a-long. Each participant was making a coat. However, there was no design or model to guide us, each person was making something completely different.

I am quite happy with the final result, I love the look and the fit; my only doubt is whether it will get enough wear in our rather interesting climate, where before I didn’t feel a need to have a vest.

The construction is super basic – 4 rectangles in total – the back has 8 cm positive ease to 1/2 of my chest measurement. Both fronts are approximately 2/3 of the back width. I did some shoulder shaping. I then seamed the shoulder seams.

The last rectangle is the hood – I simply picked up the stitches on top of both fronts and the back, worker evenly until I had enough for a comfortable hood, and seamed the top, folding the hood in half. Seamed the back seams allowing generous arm holes, and that’s it!

The main stitch I used, is the lopsided V-stitch, you can watch the video below. Beware, it eats a lot of yarn!

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