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Once I have started doing macrame a few weeks, I cannot stop! So far, I have made several pieces using Katia Macrame Cord. I quite liked this cord, it’a pity they don’t have a finer one in their range as well.

It’s been a while since I did some macramé seriously, and I have realized that it’s quite an expensive hobby. One cone of cord is enough for 2-3 smaller projects or one slightly bigger (like the clutch), so it’s gone in 1-2 evenings. At a cost of 12 euros, I am very happy my knitting and crochet projects take me longer to finish (from thinner yarns, of course). But still, I would estmate that a project that takes me about a month would cost about 20-40 euros in material. On the bright side, one doesn’t need to invest as much in tools.

First, I have made this simple wall hanging, designed by a friend of mine, Anastasia of Macrame Princess. This is a perfect beginner piece that lets you practice all the basic macramé knots:

I have also tried a couple of mini flower pot hangers. First one, following Macrame Schools Youtube Video . This one we did with my 9-year old daughter, who was almost able to complete the project by herself. I quite like it, it perfectly fits the tiniest flower pot (about 5×5 cm one) – but knowing that we’ve added one pair of cords less on the sides.

I also tried the “pod” from Made in May’s channel. It is really cute, however not very practial. It’s big enough to fit the same smalles pot, but looks really funny with a plant in it. Next time, I want to try the same principle, but spacing the knots vertically and horizontally to create a larger, airier plant hanger.

Finally, I have fulfilled my long time dream, and made a small over-the-shoulder bag using the video by Soulful Notions – but without the bobbles. The trickiest part here was the strap – especially hiding the rope ends, but I think I did a fair job in the end…

I am sure this is not the end of my macramé journey, so stay tuned!

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