Soft Stream Lace Cowl – Free Knitting Pattern

Soft Stream Lace Cowl

This is my baby that I was on for a year now. It’s a cowl pattern which is knitted forth and back, and then the two ends are grafted. The lace pattern itself uses only basic stitches, but in my personal experience requires lots of attention. The number of stitches differs on right side rows and wrong side rows, only to confuse us even more. I strongly recommend using life lines on this one.

Play with various yarns and needle sizes, as well as width and length to create different effects. I made it twice. For the first time – with lace yarn. It almost looked like jewelry rather than clothing. The second one I made in a luxurious combination of sil and mohair for a warm, soft and fluffy winter cowl.

PDF to download here.


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    Ann MacDonald

    This is such a lovely pattern!
    I’d love to be able to use the pattern – with a named credit – as I’m starting a home-knitting business with a friend, and I’d like to make this up in 2 or 3 different yarns to form part of my first collection. Is that ok with you?

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      Hi Ann! Thank you for getting in touch with me. I’m honoured that you have chosen my pattern :) I don’t mind at all, feel free to knit as many as you feel like. But please, do credit the pattern to me, and if possible, mention my website address. When your shop is set up, it would be lovely if you sent me the link – I will feature it my web :-)

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        Ann MacDonald

        Thanks Leyla! That’s great news – and yes of course I’ll mention your website too in the credit, it’s only fair after all the time you’ve spent working on it! We’re still deciding if we’ll sell online, or just in person at fairs etc, but I’ll be sure to send you photos and update you on progress!
        Thanks again for your generosity in sharing!

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