WIP Wednesday May the 14, 2014 – still Roxborough

Ok, news first – I have started working full time! Yay! Very happy! But this means less time on-line. But even if I’m not posting much, I am following what’s going on here and everywhere else on-line. ;)

I actually maybe have a bit more knitting time now – as I am taking a bus to and a from work, and the ride is 40 minutes. Guess I how I spend them?

2014-05-14 18.39.09

I’m still working on Roxborough top.

Today I’ve finished the “slow increases” section – 20 stripes, and now I move on to “rapid increases” section, where increase rounds are more often. That’s 9 stripes to go. And then I’ll have only the sleeves/neckline left.



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