YOP – Week of 21 February – Some cool projects

Knitted toy clothes


This week has been quite stressful for me, but I have finished a couple of lovely projects.

Firstly, the cowl I was making to match my Sunny hat is done! It is the second Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf that I’ve made, and I love both of them. This time I had a bit more yarn so it’s wider, and I like it this way.

Crochet Cowl Crochet Cowl

I also had a fun quick project for today: my son’s favourite bunny has found himself in desperate need of clothing, knight-style. So here we go, I think it’s really cute :)

I obviously had no pattern – D explained to me what he wanted, and I just had to figure it out. I was to lazy to take any measurements, or do any calculations. So I started with the cloak, at the top, casting on what looked like a good number of stitches, and increasing on both sides as I worked back and forth in seed stitch. The final number of stitches gave me an idea of how many to cast on for the dress – which I made from the bottom up in the rounds, decreasing gradually towards the top. After that the belt was easy ad quick.

Knitted toy clothes Knitted toy clothes Knitted toy clothes

Last year, I made myself a crochet dress, using a picture of Terry Hatcher as an inspiration. I must admit that in the end, I am not too keen on it. I don’t like the neckline, and I think I need to loose a few kilos for it to look good on me (working on that). I am playing with an idea of using the past work to build on it and make another dress with quite a few changes. I even did some swatching this week. But as I am not too sure which shape it should be, I am not really moving along…. I would actually use an existing pattern for some sort of a crochet dress, but I haven’t found anything to inspire me.

crochet flower


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      Thank you, Lucy! I definitely need some inspirational moment for the dress. The worst part about it is that it is meant to be for a very special occasion and I don’t have much time….

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      Thank you :) Watching what you eat is hard, isn’t it? I’ve lost some weight over the past few weeks, but still far from the flat tummy I see in my mind as the best for showing off my crochet dresses, lol !

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      He is indeed very happy :) such a pleasure to watch him play. I’m quite happy with the new look – I wanted to change for a while , but couldn’t find the right theme…

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