YOP Week of the 29th of March


This week  I have worked  a bit on all of the projects.

I have bought the zip for the cushion cover and even managed to block the both parts today.  I hope to finish it off next week.


I also finished the next round of motifs for the dress.  I now start thinking whether it may be better to make it shorter – as a top???  Decisions,  decisions…



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      That’s what I’m thinking – I would probably wear it more as a top. With a tee in summer and possibly a turtleneck in colder weather… And it looks good, too. I’ll still add a row or two – I like my tops long, to cover the tummy and the butt )))

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    Sandra Licher

    I like the idea of a top and it really shows the design over the black. I so love that design but it would be hard on my hands I’m sure….after those bookmarks I did showed me.
    I can’t wait to see your pillow…..it is going to be lovely I know.

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      I agree, it shows much better over darker colours, contrary to what I expected. I’m sorry about your hands. Is it any crochet that hurts?

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