Bloomsbury top – yu-hoo!

So, I have finished the top I wrote about here. And I absolutely totally love it! I think that this is one of the best patterns I’ve ever seen for self-striping yarn. Here’s the link to the pattern :). Buying that magazine was totally worth it, as I’m now making another garment from it, but even if I only made this top, it still is worth it!  I think this is the best sweater I have made so far. I don’t actually do many, because my previous attempts were not so encouraging :S I’m always drooling over tops in this style when I see them in shops, and now I have one, and I made it myself!

I did however find a couple of mistakes in the pattern, and I will mention them here in case someone who reads this will want to make this top, too:

There’s a discrepancy between the chart and written directions for large shoulder motive. The chart shows the beginning of round 3 is between 2 petals. Also it shows sc1, ch 1 between the sets of two petals. Written instructions start round 3 at the beginning of the 1st petals and have ch2. I followed written instructions.

I also think there is a mistake in the first round of the sleeve, for larger sizes – I get 8, not 6 repeats of dc,ch5, dc over the shoulder motive. For larger size, the petals of the flower are longer.

My large flower measures 20 cm after bloking when the sweater is relaxed. It fits me perfectly, my bust measurement is 86cm, and hips 97cm. Since my gauge is different from the pattern, my sleeves are much shorter. I decided to leave them like that, without adding more rows, as I actually like shorter sleeves. I was also so looking to wear the top, that I didn’t want to spend more time :)

wpid-20140204_112009.jpg wpid-20140204_111946.jpg


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