Bunny in lieu of an Elephant

 Finally finished off the knitted bunny for my baby son today:

My husband has been pushing me for ages to make a knitted toy for him. Mostly because the little one has become attached to a toy elephant that was given to me by the DH. And it’s not just that he took over the gift – the problem goes deeper than that. The elephant’s mission was to keep me company in bed when we were apart with my darling, and he was chosen specifically for his trunk – and the associations it stirred in any grown-up. Now, the trunk turned out to be a perfect object for a 6-month old to suck and chew on – just the right size for his little mouth; and so this sight was reeeeally disturbing the father. SO here we go, the replacement is ready and about to be introduced. I just hope that ears will make a good enough substitute for the beloved trunk :)

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