Crochet nesting baskets

My first go at using fabric yarn, and I loved it!

I used Stofgarn from Tiger, 30m in 100g skein, about one and a third of a skein for each basket. 8mm hook. For the gray one, I started with 10 sc’s for the first round, increasing by 10 sc’s each round for 2 more rounds (30sc). I than did one round in the back loop only and continued straight.

For the pink one, 10 sc’s did not create a flat bottom, so I started again with 9, increasing by 9 sc’s each round for 3 more rounds (36 sc’s). Tip for beginners: if your round is all wavy, it means you have too many increases. If it scoops to create a sphere-like shape – not enough increases.

To join the ends of this yarn, I cut both ends diagonally and twisted to create less bulk, and it worked well.

Crochet nesting baskets

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