Happy Washcloth – free knitting pattern


I really like the fabric that this pattern yields. It’s sturdy, with a very pretty pattern. It would work great for bags, cushions, chair covers etc, too.

When casting on, bear in mind that it pulls in a lot compared to stockinette stitch. I’d say, cast on 1/4 or 1/3 more stitches than you normally would. Also use needles 1-2 sizes smaller for cast on, row 0, last row and cast off to avoid ruffles that I have.

You will need yarn in three colours.

With colour A and smaller needles, cast on odd number of stitches.

Row 0 (wrong side) – purl. – set up row.

Switch to colour B and larger needles.

Row 1. (k1, slip 1 st with yarn in front of work), k1. Switch to colour C.

Row 2. k1, (p1, slip 1 stitch with yarn behind work), p1, k1 Switch to colour A.

Continue, alternating between rows 1 and two, switching colours at the end of each row.

To finish off, end work when you use colour C for wrong side. Switch to colour A and smaller needles. Knit 1 row. Purl and bind off the next row.

Weave in ends.


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    One question: At the end, where you say, “Purl and bind off the next row.”
    Do you mean to purl a row then bind off the next row? Or do you mean to bind off with the purl row? As in binding off in purl.
    Thanks for answering.

  2. 5

    Another question:
    When you say to switch back to color A after finishing Row 2 … did you really mean that?
    What should be knit with color A ? A pain purl row like the set up row?

    Thank you for clarifying this,

    • 6

      Hi Janey! Yes, that’s right, at the end of row 2, switch to colour A, and knit row 1. Then switch to colour B, and knit row 2, switch to C, and knit row 1, switch to A, and knit row 2 etc. So in terms of stitches, you are always repeating rows 1 and 2. In terms of colours, you switch them after each row, and use the yarn that’s ready for you on that side of the knitting . Do not cut the yarn after each row. I hope this makes sense…

  3. 7

    That makes perfect sense – it is three colors repeating two rows of pattern.
    Thank you.
    (I might even try to sneak my knitting into my cancer treatment.)

    • 8

      I’m glad it’s all clear! I hope the project turns out great! All the best with the treatment, I know crochet and knitting really helped me when I did it many years ago.

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