Kandinsky coat – part 2

I have quite a bit of knitting to finish before tomorrow afternoon, as my client is coming to see how the top part fits. I do hope that I’ve knitted enough of raglan rows and it will fit well.

After the initial short rows and 60 rows of the pattern, the back now measures approximately 44 cm wide. The front increase line is 19 cm long, and the back one is 24 cm. The sleeve is 30сm, and this is the measurement I’m most worried about.

To make sure the sleeves fit well, I will add stitches in the underarm. The number of these stitches should be cca 8% of the body stitches for each arm. The increase line stitches will go towards the body. The back is 123 stitches. Times two for the whole body is 246. So 8% is 19 stitches. I want to have 1 stitch red to mark front from back, so that I do not have to match the pattern, and can also increase stitches for a light A-shaping for the body.

Therefore, I knit the front stitches including the two increase ones in pattern . Put the sleeve stitches aside. Pick up using back loop 9 stitches continuing the pattern, pick up 1 St in red, and 9 more stitches to match the pattern on the back. Continue knitting the back, do the same for the second sleeve and finish off the with the front (54 sts each front side).

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