Leo to the power of 6th.

My daddy has asked me for a New Year gift – a cozy for his teapot. It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do: especially because his teapot is not shaped in a traditional way, so there were no readily available patterns.2013-11-03 16.53.22


It has the handle not on the side of the pot, but on top. The handle does not fold down fully, so if I want to make a “hat” shaped cozy, it would have to be either very tall or very wide to accommodate the handle. So I decided to make a closely fitted one, with a hole on the side for nozzle, and a “lid” with buttons on top. Finally, when I saw this cozy, an idea started forming in my head:

My dad’s name translates as Lion. He’s a Leo by horoscope, so I’d make him a similar one, but with a lion. Using two shades of green held together for the body of the cozy. Practical colour, and a prefect match for a lion.

I was very scared that the hat wouldn’t fit, as I couldn’t try it on while making it, but I guess years of practice do give me a feel for sizing. It’s a rectangle that I sew up for about 2 cm from the bottom and top, leaving the opening for the nozzle. I then picked up stitches along the top edge to create the flap covering the lid. It has buttonholes, with buttons on the opposite side of the cozy to keep it in place.

I used Leo the Lion pattern by Lion Brand for the head and paws.

I have to admit, that I just love the end result, it’s the best piece I’ve made in months, I think.

leo teapot cozy


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