Maggie the Owl

This was so addictive, I could not stop working on this beauty. I could not knit or crochet anything else until I finished her. She’s a beauty!

However, I think the pattern is somewhat sloppily written. Maybe partly as the author is not a native English speaker. For experienced crocheter, these a minor things, but I think some beginners may have a hard time following the pattern. I personally did not pay for this pattern – I won it as a prize in a group game on Ravelry, but if I did, I might have been a bit disappointed.

  • In rounds 4&5 for both pentagon and hexagon “Insert your hook in the 3rd ch of the first dc from the last round.” This means “join with slip stitch in the 3rd ch”. Round 6 is also joined with a sl st in the end, obviously.
  • Round 4 of the hexagon starts with “Go down into the next ch 2 space and make a sl st”. To “go down to next ch so” you need to make a sl st in the next dc after you joins the previous round with a sl st. Also it’s ch 1 space, not ch 2 sp
  • Round 5 of the hexagon, in the beginning ch1, not ch 3
  • I also personally find it confusing that she counts ch5 foundation as round 1. But probably that’s just me being used to Russian tradition in crochet patterns.
  • I did 2sc in each ch 1 space (corners) in the last round.

I also joined each motive to others straight away when crocheting last round of sc. I joined in every second sc to make smaller holes –  here’s how I did that.

For those who are not as lazy as me, I’d suggest making all the motives separately and washing/blocking them before joining. This has turned out better than I expected – I stuffed it tightly and the motives somewhat straightened out. But it would look more “professional” had I blocked the motives.

By the way, have you ever wondered where the African flowers pattern came from and why it is called so. After doing a little bit of research, I found that the pattern was originally published in South African magazine (I suppose the language is Dutch?). Here’s the link to on-line article.

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