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While working on my major cardigan project, I need something small to take along with me, for my favourite crafting on the go. So I started crocheting up the small cute projects I have had pinned forever, and it had been so much fun. I have even ordered more thread and hooks to explore this area further – I only now remembered how I used to enjoy the feeling of a fine cotton thread and a heavy(ish) fine hook in my hands. So here is a small overview of what I have come up with so far, with the links to the patterns (I have found all of these on-line):

Owl Bookmarks

These are super cute, and quite easy to make – if you can decode t


he English version of the pattern, which is a bit cryptic sometimes, I guess because of the quality of translation. I think, for a paid pattern, they could have tried a bit harder…



Pineapple bookmark

Probably, my least favourite so far, it came out a bit too large for my taste, and also the pineapple bit won’t lay flat. Maybe, a finer thread and a different hook size next time? Free pattern  available. 

Fan bookmark

Very elegant, and has gotten the most comments so far. Easy and fun project, too.

UK and US free pattern versions available. 


Very cute. I might do more sea-themed elements. You can find the pattern here.


… that actually more look like leaves. I had leads of fun making them, really contemplating now making a dream catcher with a few of these. Lovely video in Spanish with English subtitles available .

I love to turn to small instant gratification projects – especially when working on large and complex projects. They give me the morale boost when I am feeling tired and fed up.


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