Ravellenic Games – Modular Relay – Double Knitting

Uuuuffff. This one was tough, and took a loooong time. I used Coffee and Tea Potholders pattern  – and the pattern was great. But oh, boy! I hate this technique. It takes a long time and a lot of finger twisting. I felt like I was taking part in some sort of finger gymnastics marathon. The outcome is cute, but I don’t see myself making a scarf or what not. The outcome of double-sided stockinette that doesn’t curl isn’t worth the effort for me.

I used both strands together for the long tale cast on and knitted the first and the last stitch of every row with both strands, too. I tried holding both colors in left hand, over the index and middle fingers, but found it hard to change the colours that way. So I used both hands, with the major colour of the row in the right hand. To bind off I slipped each colour stitch knitwise on the right needle, then put both of them back on the left on, knitted them together with both strands and bound off.


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