Ravellenic Games – Modular Relay – Lace Sampler

This is the second dishcloth for the modular event. This time my goal was to figure out the technique of the Orenburg lace shawls. It’s a different construction, where the border is knitted together with the mainbody (rather than attached, or picked up).

I used the Russian edition of Galina Khmeleva’s book “Gossamer Webs”. The explanation was quite complicated, at least the Russian edition used some uncommon terms, and there were several mistakes, but I was able to figure out what I’m supposed to do (when I attempted it  several years ago, I gave up after many frustrating tries).

However, the last step, grafting the edging stitches, got me for a while. For the life of me, I couldn’t understand what I should have done. I even had problem going to sleep that night… In the morning, I still could not get the description, so I modified it so that it’d work. Later people from Ravelry told me another, traditional way to graft those few buggers.

All in all, I got the impression that mistakes in the book could be intentional… However, I’ve figured it all out, and my brain is now full of ideas on how to use the technique – I find classic Orenburg shaws are beautiful but not something I’d wear.

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