First steps on Red Dress – part 1. YoP – week of 10th August

My goal is to recreate this dress. I am using 100% cotton – Cotton Soft Speciale Baby by Lane Mondial (180m/50g). It’s not as shimmery as the yarn in the picture, so the overall effect will be slightly different. I am using US crochet terminology throughout. I am blogging in quite a detail to document for me and for anyone else who is interested the whole process. Click on tag “Red Dress” to see all related posts.

Teri Hatcher

Here is my first swatch. I found a pattern for an octagon motive in one of my stitch dictionaries that looks similar. I used 4mm hook and changed the last round so that all stitches are dc. That’s how it looked:

2014-08-02 20-12-45a

My first impression was that I didn’t like the fabric – too loose, so I decided to make another one with 3 mm hook. As I was making it, I took another look at the picture of the dress, and decided to try the last round exactly as it was in the pattern, forming spiky  petals.

2014-08-08 16-10-34 Teri Hatcher


I also could feel that this fabric, on the other hand, is too stiff. Time to try 3.25mm hook. Here are three swatches (I changed the last round on the largest swatch, too):

2014-08-09 12-49-14a

I now have four motives joined together in a line:

2014-08-11 18-44-15

As I was now writing this post and put next to each other the picture of my swatches and the original dress, I can see clearly that motives are quite different, and what’s more, I like original motives better. So I’m off to swatch again…


For this past week I have only been working on this dress. And a little bit on my Comfort Blanket:

2014-08-11 18-55-18

I forgot to put it on the list originally, but now it’s added.

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      I’m right now swatching to get a motive that’s look even closer to the original. If I fail, I’ll go back to what I’ve used first. I’m also a bit worried about the stripes between the motives. I asked for advice on Ravelry in Crochet group a few weeks ago, and got directed here. I’ll use that as a base and see how I go. I suppose I’ll also need to decrease and increase here for shaping – to prepare for more and less number of round motives in the area of chest, waist and hips…

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    This is going to be a great project to read about over the coming weeks. I hope you find a motif as close to the original as you want. I’ll be tuning in next week to see how you got on. I love the colours in your comfort blanket they are so restful.

    • 7

      Uff, my commenting is not working properly – neither here, nor on other blogs. I’m writing a reply for the third time… Anyways, I’m very happy with colours of the blanket, it makes me feel good, looking at the combo. Warm and cozy.

      As for the motives, I did some swatching last night, but I’m still not sure about my decision. I’m letting it rest for a while, but I’ll definitely write up next week which way I’ll be going with this.

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      We will see in the next coming months if I can really recreate it, lol! And I love working with cotton, especially in summer. And bamboo.

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