Spring Leaves Scarf – Pattern

Lace scarf

I used up 3 skeins of Alchemy Yarns Silk Purse (100% silk, 126 m/50gr)  for this scarf and 4,0 mm needles. You’ll also need a darning needle, scrap yarn to hold the stitches, and pins and other accessories for blocking (you’ll need something to spray water on the scarf).

It’s done in two halves grafted together so that it’s symmetrical with each leaf pointing towards the center. The bottom and and side edges are done in double moss stitch. The corner of the first repeat of the leaf pattern are filled with reverse stockinette stitch. A line of two stitches in reversed stockinette is also separating the leaf panel on both sides from the edging. This helps  visually separate and accentuate the lace panel .

So, cast on 44 stitches and follow the pattern in the following manner (only right side rows are depicted; on the wrong side rows, knit/purl stitches as they appear, purl the yarn overs):

For the bottom edge, repeat rows 1-4 five times.
To establish the leaf pattern, repeat rows 5-16 once, then do 15 repetitions of rows 17-28 – you have 16 leaf pattern repeats now, ending with a wrong side row. Do not bind off, put the stitches on a piece of scrap yarn while you do the second half of the scarf.

The second half of the scarf is done exactly the same as the first one.

Block two parts.  I have described in detail in this post how to do that. Then graft the two parts together using Kitchener stitch.  Weave in the ends. You may also want to first join the halves and then block it, but the scarf is quite long, so I preferred to block it first.

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