Stripy Afghan

I have finally finished the what was originally planned as a crochet afghan for me, but has since morphed into a baby blanket. I made some changes to the original pattern, and you can find my crochet chart for this blanket below, alongside with some explanations.

2015-04-30 13-22-04

2015-04-30 13-19-44

2015-04-30 13-19-15

I started off by making three long stripes, each 60 stitches wide. Each was made of the same three colours, in the same sequence, but I have changed the starting colour for each strip. I carried the strands not in use along the both edges, by working all three colours in the last stitch of every row, and 2 chains out of 3 in the beginning. I pulled really tightly on those edge stitches – otherwise they come out much taller than the rest of the row, and the edge is not pretty.

To join the stripes, I have used 3dcs in to the  edge spaces of the alternating rows of two panels:

Insert hook as usual into the bottom panel

2015-04-19 17-15-49a

And turn the upper panel inside out to insert the hook.

2015-04-19 17-16-55

2015-04-19 17-18-12

I then finished off the whole blanket by two rows of the main stitch pattern.

I hope the chart below will be of help:

blanket chart

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